Security Guard

Random patrol

contract patrol

Our armed/unarmed officers will patrol the property in our impeccable uniforms. Furthermore, we are fully equipped with marked patrol units, bikes, golf carts and ATV’s for our larger properties.

We will provide you with an onsite daily activity report turned in to management at the end of shift.

Our officers will enforce your rules and regulations per clients instructions
Constant supervision and communications with our field supervisors.

24/7 Dispatch call center to provide the best service to our clients.

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R.P.G. State Tactical Patrol Division is the most recognize and highly respected patrol division in Houston. 

Our patrol officers randomly patrol our client's property and response to emergency calls with fully marked patrol unit complete with light bars, spot lights, push bumpers, GPS, camera system, and more.

Our armed officers will respond to any call received pertaining to you property and will assist local police department and emergency personnel.

24/7 Dispatch call center to provide the best service to our clients

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The officer will remain on client’s property for entire contracted shift time with fully marked patrol unit
Specifically trained to look for unwanted persons on your property.

Fully prepared to enforce your property rules, and property violations. 

Ready to make arrests when laws have been broken.

To provide the best quality service, our contract patrol officers will response to emergency calls even off duty.

24/7 Dispatch call center to provide the best service to our clients

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· Healthcare Facilities
· Residential Communities
· Commercial Real Estate
· Corporate Buildings
· Car Dealerships
· Loss Prevention
· Retail Venues
· Manufacturing and Industrial
· Governmental Buildings
· Financial Institutions
· Hotel Security
· Shopping Center
· Temporary Security Service
· Patrol Service
· ATM Escort
· Alarm Response
· Construction Site
· Personal Protection - Bodyguards
· K-9 Patrol Service

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As crime continues to rise, so do the number of security companies and "professionals" available to take your money. They will all claim to be the best, but can they prove it?! Based on reality, most security companies in Houston focused on quantity instead of quality. 

Items to consider when hiring other security companies:

1. Verifiable Experience
2. Management Experience
3. Law Enforcement Experience
4. Employee Hiring Process